3 Steps to a Green Picnic

Happy Memorial Day!! I bet some of you are out there grilling away already. Here are a few easy ways to turn your Memorial Day picnic, or any other picnic, a little greener.


Grill up a Veggie Burger

Why? Animal agriculture is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions!! FYI, GHGs are the gasses that trap heat in the atmosphere leading to global climate change. Choosing a veggie burger over a meat burger cuts your GHG emissions! YAY!

Skip the Plastic

Plastic. It doesn’t biodegrade in landfills, so it just sits there forever. Nice. Great. It also ends up in the ocean, killing wildlife. Super. So, skip the plastic forks and straws this Memorial Day. Use reusable ones!! It’s an easy switch AND buying reusable straws ends up being cheaper than continuously buying plastic ones every time you need them for a party. Here are some reusable straws worth looking at.

Save Your Leftovers

End up with an extra veggie burger or two at the end of the day? Don’t toss them in the trash! Why contribute to unnecessary food waste when you have tomorrow’s lunch right in front of you? The leftover fruit that your health conscious cousin brought to the picnic can go on top of your cereal tomorrow.  Easy. Why toss food you can use?

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