Green Music Fest & Chicago Vegan Fest

Wow! Two cool, green, things to take your friends to this weekend! Let’s do it.

Wicker Park Green Music Fest (June 10- 11)

(Damen Ave between North and Schiller)


I’ve gone to this for the last few years and it’s always a lot of fun. There’s food, music, beer, and stalls filled with local eco-friendly companies and organizations.  Entry to the event is free, though there’s a suggested $10 donation at the gate.

Why does this event call itself green? Well… vendors aren’t allowed to use plastic silverware or serving dishes, styrofoam is prohibited, compost is encouraged, and most vendors sell local or sustainable items.

My Recommendations:

  • Take the Blue Line to Damen (yay, public transit!)
  • Don’t bring a plastic water bottle. If you do, everyone will look at you like you are an idiot.
  • Jump on one of the bike’s that powers the Bike Stage during ride times because it’s awesome that they have a bike-powered stage and you should be a part of that.


Chicago Vegan Food and Drink Festival (June 10)

(Grant Park)

logo_LOGO-Original-Vegan-Festival.pngThe second annual Chicago Vegan Festival runs from 11am to 7pm this coming Saturday. ALL THE FOOD THERE WILL BE VEGAN WHICH IS SUPER COOL. Vendors are coming from all over the country for this.

Tickets are $20 at the door. Food is an additional cost.

I am particularly psyched to check out Almond Cow and Bad Day Donuts. I’m bringing a few meat-eaters with me to the Vegan Fest and I’m hoping to knock their socks off with some good meat replacements and some non-dairy ice cream. I won’t go into the details of factory farming here, but my guess is, if you’re reading this post, you have some idea about how horribly animals are treated. Going vegan, even for one meal a day, both saves animal lives and helps the environment. That’s why it’s so cool that Chicago gets to have a vegan festival! One step closer to making cruelty-free mainstream!


Hope to see you there! If you go, tag us in your insta shots @green.chicago


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