Documentaries For Your Next Netflix Binge

In the mood for a world-changing documentary at your next movie night? I know, you have to be in the right headspace to want to watch sad, but true, stories of animal abuse for two hours. BUT, if the mood strikes you….


This 2013 documentary discusses SeaWorld’s controversial use of captive orca whales. It focuses on one whale, Tilikum, who was responsible for three human deaths during his captive years. Though this documentary doesn’t directly deal with sustainability or climate change, it does highlight the ways humans disregard animal well-being for their own benefit.


This documentary dives into the effects of animal agriculture on the environment and looks at the various reasons politicians refuse to blame factory farming for its obvious environmental impact. If you haven’t already quit meat or lowered your meat consumption significantly, this movie will make the choice for you.

Planet Earthp8431669_b_v8_aa.jpg

If you’re looking for a more lighthearted way to connect with the environment via your couch, Planet Earth is the show for you. You have probably already seen an episode or two of this beautiful show, but keep watching! Learning about different ecosystems is a great way to become a more conscious environmentalist. It helps to know what you’re trying to protect!


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