Easy Summer Decorations

If you’re looking for an easy, summery, decoration for a party or to brighten up your house, grab some potted flowers and a few sheets of newspaper. It’s more eco-friendly to recycle your old newspaper for an art project than it is to buy any new plastic products. Using plants is also more sustainable than buying plastic decor from the party store- especially if you plant whatever flowers you buy in your yard after a week or so. Having plants indoors can also help

Bringing plants into your house not only makes the space look brighter, but it helps you stay healthy! Having plants indoors can help increase air quality. The air is filled with pollutants and toxic chemicals from ovens, cars, carpets, household cleaning products, and more…. You don’t want to breathe those pollutants in all the time, so get some plants to help filter the air.

These newspaper-covered flower pots can be made in just 3 steps!


Step 1: Place a potted plant on top of a regular sized newspaper page.


Step 2: Cut newspaper so that it folds up to fit around the pot.

Step 3: Scrunch the newspaper up around the pot and secure with some twine, ribbon, or string. img_1771.jpg

Optional: Use an article about the new Baywatch movie so that your house also has a nice sprinkling of male abdominal muscle (we did this totally by accident but it definitely added a little something special to the party we threw the other night).

Have fun!

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