Easy Vegan Travel Snacks

This weekend, I took a five-hour drive to a state park in Indiana. Five hours isn’t very long, but it’s long enough to get hungry. It’s easy to get stuck on a long car ride without adequate snacks. What happens then? You end with a single clif bar from the bottom of your backpack and a terrible coffee from the gas station.

And what do you eat when your travel destination isn’t veg friendly? It’s not always easy to eat plant based (though it should be!!). Packing snacks is easy. Do it and save yourself the midnight trip to the vending machine in the creepy hotel.

Finding vegan snacks is so easy! I get most of my snacks from Target, but pretty much any grocery store should have the basics covered.

Here’s what I brought on my recent weekend adventure:

Easy protein.



For snacking. By the handful.






Of course, in addition to this, I brought bananas and apples! I know it would be a bit better for the planet if there was less packaging involved in my snacking, but sometimes, you just have to buy the clif bar box. At least it’s vegan.

You’ll be so much happier, and so much less hangry, if you pre-plan with some good snacks. I always overpack my snacks, but I’d rather have a slightly heavier backpack than be stuck in the middle of the highway with no good food.





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