Place to Be: The Wicker Park Farmers Market  

The Wicker Park Farmers Market is filled with beautiful produce, flowers, sweet-smelling pastries, and eco-friendly beauty products. It is the place to be on a Sunday from 8:00-2:00 if you like people watching, dog watching, and eating.

This week, my dog and I toured the place. He was pumped to see all the neighborhood doggos and I was pumped about the fresh produce and the bagels. img_2070.jpgimg_2084.jpgimg_2074.jpg

Towards the south end of the market, I found Ayurveda Alchemists, an all-natural beauty and household product company. Mary Patterson, the founder, makes each product by hand from natural ingredients! She started making her own products after learning about the effects of standard beauty and home products on the body. She sells body butters, sprays, soap, deodorant, and body scrubs. She says that because stress is such a common, modern, problem, her Destress Calming Spray is her best selling product.


The products are filled with natural ingredients like coconut butter and essential oils, which she says have many healing properties. Mary Patterson believes that natural ingredients are much safer for the body than ingredients found in many common household and beauty items. She cited mosquito repellent as a particularly toxic product.

Before trying her products, I had bad luck finding natural beauty products that worked for me. Most smelled odd or led to an allergic reaction. I tried Mary’s aluminum free deodorant and it works! It really works! I’m so impressed. When I talked with Mary, she said nature gave us everything we needed. I didn’t think that applied to deodorant, but lo and behold, it does.


The Wicker Park Farmers Market runs every Sunday through October 29th. I recommend getting there early for a pastry and to have a go at the good blueberries before they all disappear.



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