The Best Vegan Sandwich I’ve Ever Had

I have been drooling over Kal’ish’s amazing vegan food on Instagram for months. I finally tried it last night and, oh my goodness, I am hooked. The food was amazing, the staff was incredibly friendly, and the dessert options were mind blowing.  You should go.

My meat-eating boyfriend was a little reluctant to enter an all-vegan restaurant, but I promised him that if he hated it, we could have pizza for breakfast. This dessert display helped calm his worries that the food would be excluslivey lettuce and beans (that’s what people think vegans eat, right?).


I ordered the “New Fashioned 2NA Melt.” I haven’t tasted tuna in years, but WOW this was incredibly realistic. The cheese was perfectly melty, the roasted tomatoes were just right, and the bread was exactly as crispy as it needed to be. This sandwich blew my mind. I had yet to find a vegan cheese that melted the way dairy cheese melts- this did!


My meat-eating dinner partner ordered a burger that was meant to taste like chicken. He loved it! He said he wants to go back to Kal’ish for more!


Of course, the best part of our meal was dessert. We ordered a choclate cupcake with cream filling. It was so rich and yummy. My dinner partner couldn’t believe it was vegan. 🙂


In addition to amazing vegan food, all of Kal’ish’s utensils, napkins, and serving bowls are biodegradable, making this a truly sustainble dinner option in Uptown.

I am so excited to bring all my friends who are skeptical about veganism here because this place PROVES that veganism is neither boring nor restrictive. Next time, I’m ordering the pancakes.


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