Made in Chicago Market

Shopping local is great- you support local creators, add to the local economy, and you avoid the environmental negatives that come with online shipping.  I love that Chicago has such a vibrant scene of makers and builders.

The Chicago Sun Times put on the Made in Chicago Market, a one-day market filled with local Chicago vendors. There were about 80 vendors, including bag makers, jewelry makers, painters, potters, and my favorite, NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCT MAKERS.

Before I dive into sharing my faves, I want to let you know that none of this is sponsored. I’m just all about Chicagoans supporting Chicagoans.


Alright, let me tell you about Yasou. It’s all vegan. The ingredients are so clean you could eat them (don’t, but if you did swallow some lip balm, you’d be ok). No nasty stuff at all! And the creator, Theodora, is lovely. She’s super passionate about making good, clean, products. I love it.


img_5004.jpgThen, we have Bonnie. From body oils to bath salts, they’ve got it. Like Yasou, Bonnie is all about clean ingredients.


I’m also excited by Scrub Me. All of their stuff is plant based. Yesssss. The maker, Katherine, says they have products for all different skin types. Perfect.


Look at these soaps. Blade and Bloom had the prettiest soaps in the room. All of the products are plant based and the soaps come in cardboard (i.e. recyclable material).


I am most interested in (and purchases some amazing body butter from) Popped Handmade. The body butter feels so soft and luxurious. The creator, Carla, makes body butters and facial oils from healthy, clean, ingredients. I am particularly impressed by the cost. Most clean beauty products cost wayyyyy too much, but Carla, like the other vendors at the Made in Chicago Market, keeps the price reasonable for products with such high quality ingredients.

We are lucky to live in a city with creators who believe in using clean, organic, and natural ingredients. Frequently, “clean,” “organic,” and “natural” are thrown around as buzzwords on packaging when the products are actually filled with junk. That’s called greenwashing. There was none of that at the Made in Chicago Market. Everyone who called their product “green” really meant it.





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  1. I went to the winter market and it was great. That’s where I did all my Christmas shopping!

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